Pentagon had unusual success, (67% completion rate) and rapidly grew to one of the most active exploration companies in the state.  Between 1984 and 1990 the company drilled 137domestic wells and operated more than 50.


The Company owns an exclusive data base of old drillers logs that date from 1889 to 1937. It is a record of every well drilled in the entire Gulf Coast Region of E. Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama, prior to the initiation of State Departments of Conservation. In most cases these logs are the only record existing that reports what these wells found.

Pentagon has identified numerous prospects throughout the region. It is apparent that wells that found natural gas during this period were abandoned because of the lack of markets and available pipeline facilities. Those markets and pipelines are now available. It also is apparent that crude open hole completion methods were responsible for non-productive results and abandonment of potentially productive oil discoveries.

This data base is the only record that many of these wells were drilled.